Calm Your Life and Reconnect With Your Family

I ran into a friend of mine at the food store this week–a young mother of two. We had an extremely quick conversation and she scooped up her toddler and let me know that this was just one of many stops she needed to make on the way to a final destination, for which she was already tardy. I waved and sent her a smile of support as she ran out. I felt for her in that moment. As a mother of six, boy do I remember those days! The crazed and chaotic life of a young growing family–and these days it seems to be even more intense than ever. We all want to do so much, but eventually there is a limit to how far we can stretch before areas of our lives, like our relationships with members of the family become too thin and fragile. So how do we rein in our hurried lives? I’m reminded of a great article I read from called, Calm Your World, which had this advice: “Well, the answer is a question. Multiple questions, actually.” And here they are:

  • What can I say no to?
  • What can I begin saying yes to?
  • Do I really have to get all of this done today?
  • Do my kids need to be in a sliort every season?
  • Do I really need to workout everyday?
  • Is now the time for me to go back to school?
  • What habits are going to allow me to have the greatest level of connection with my family and friends?
  • If connection is a priority, how can I prioritize?
  • Do I need to take a job that has me out of town every week?
Enjoy the full article here.

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