Peggy Fitzpatrick is a trained educator and PCI Certified Parent Coach®.  She is also a mother of six and a grandmother. By utilizing both her professional training and life experiences, Peggy helps parents harness the power of strong relationships that nurture and shape their children. She brings tools, resources and a network of valuable connections that give parents the confidence to meet the awesome challenge of crafting the next generation.


Her Philosophy

Even in the most difficult parenting situations, there are things that are working to the benefit of both parent and child. Through individual and small group sessions, Peggy helps parents discover what is going well so that they can build on that foundation and create a greater success for the whole family. The result? A more respectful, peaceful, and joyful household.


Her Mission

Parenting is a dual journey in which the parent grows along with the child. As with any great journey, an encouraging and insightful guide can make all the difference. Parent Resources exists to support that mission.


Her Work

Through her individual coaching sessions, workshops and professional seminars, Peggy has worked extensively with parents as well as community leaders and institutions.


Parent Coaching

In a world that so often favors immediate gratification over the enduring values of family, hard work, scholastic achievement, social responsibility and self worth, parents seek Peggy’s assistance in dealing with the pressures of parenting.


Workshops & Seminars

Educational, medical and religious organizations, as well as family advocacy groups, enlist Peggy’s expertise to reach out the parents in their target populations in order to accomplish their missions. Community leaders rely on Peggy to provide classes, workshops and coaching sessions that give parents the support they need to overcome the many stresses and difficulties of 21st-century parenthood. Most importantly, they rely on her to help parents understand and address the core needs of children in a way that fulfills the complete promise of their relationship with their child.


Payment Options

For your convenience, seminar/event fees and coaching session payments can easily be made via PayPal with a credit card of your choice. No PayPal account necessary! While you can quickly and safely pay via your PayPal account, if you so choose, you can also simply select “Don’t have a PayPal Account” to pay with any major credit card without signing up for an account.

If you would like to register and pay for an event/class, simply go to the Events Calendar, click on the event you’d like to attend, and follow the instructions to register and pay for the event. If you would like to make a payment towards your coaching sessions, simply click the “Pay Now” button below (or anywhere on this site), enter the invoice amount, and follow the instructions.

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