Creative (Non-Food) Ideas for Filling Easter Eggs

Are you looking for some fun ideas for Easter Baskets this year? There’s always coins, stickers, and of course candy! But here are a few clever ideas for something a little different. The Easter Bunny is getting creative this year!

25 Fun Things to Fill Your Easter Eggs
  1. eggsBouncy balls
  2. Army men
  3. Bracelets
  4. Balloons
  5. A seriously silly pair of socks!
  6. Magnet letters that spell your child’s name
  7. Hair bows
  8. Plastic bugs or animals
  9. Mini nail polish
  10. Rubber stamps
  11. Seashells
  12. Seeds – to plant together in the garden or windowsill
  13. Coupons for things like an extra book at bedtime or ice cream after dinner
  14. Tiny stuffed animal
  15. Small cookie cutters
  16. Chalk/crayons (they even sell egg-shaped ones!)
  17. Felt food for the play kitchen–think cookies, donuts, or candy shapes
  18. Little People figures
  19. Mini glow sticks (Do the hunt with the lights off!)
  20. Artificial flower
  21. Matchbox car
  22. A fortune!
  23. Linking monkeys
  24. Finger puppet
  25. Confetti – if your brave!


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