How can I reduce the amount of time my child spends watching TV?

I hope you are encouraged by this email a mom sent me (printed with her permission) about the TV Trap snaring her family and what happened when she courageously reduced her daughter’s TV time:

Email messaged received on August 29, 2011


Yesterday, after one show in the morning which was followed by some bad behavior I decided to bite the bullet and commit to the plan of choosing something other than TV for a morning activity. After the bad behavior the TV stayed off for the rest of the day.

Today was day 1 of no TV in the morning and limiting TV in the afternoon to 45 minutes. We told Natalie what we were going to do and why. Although Natalie asked a couple times I held my ground. The cool thing is that she and I baked muffins together and did an activity book together and she played with paper dolls…and was even trying to do her own paper dolls.

I think she realizes that TV is not going to go away but that it is part of a balanced day because she accepted the fact that tomorrow she could watch another show even if she could not watch another show today. I don’t think I gave her credit to be able to process it in this way.
So we are doing well. one more thing…thank you!!

Oct. 13

Oh, the no morning TV rule is an absolute dream! It actually has set up our days on a more positive note. And she doesn’t even request it in the afternoon anymore…so we go days and days without TV!!!!!!!! Incredible. I no longer use it as a crutch, I don’t feel like she is missing anything and neither does she.

She spends her time in the afternoon instead of watching TV creating…give that girl scissors, paper, glue, tape and markers and she can entertain herself for hours. I am also trying to spend time with her when my son naps…we have played games and read together. And on Saturday mornings she gets to watch a bit of TV so she gets her fill.

One of my friends is also limiting TV…and has found it very positive too!

Peggy, thank you so much for your great suggestions and encouragement.

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