Be More Mindful, and Discover More Parenting Fun!


So you want to introduce more fun in your family? The fun is there waiting to be had, all you have to is reach out and grab it! As parents, we have to be mindful of claiming our family fun time. The more aware we are of all the different opportunities for fun, the more creative we become, and the more fun time we can claim.

A parent’s ability to enjoy silly fun increases family cooperation, strengthens bonding (AKA family-glue), and creates powerful memories your family will enjoy recalling for generations. The extra bonus is that your parenting batteries will be recharged and you’ll smile much more often. (I promise!)

So when you start feeling more like a drill sergeant barking out commands than a parent, when you begin to wonder where the joy went, remember…it’s up to you to lighten up, so, go ahead, tap into your playful side!


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