Making Parenting More Fun – Success Stories!

Check out these moms who are putting the fun, the joy (and the downright silly!) back into their parenting!


Once Upon a Time:
A mom who “lives in her car” loves to start an outrageous silly story with three to five sentences, about their dog, Lily…”Guess what!? Today I saw Lily riding her motorcycle wearing her pink tutu. Her ears were flapping in the wind as she zoomed around the corner. She must have been going to”…then pauses for her kids to add their creative details to the story. They all take turns adding a few sentences and pausing for someone to have a turn. Together they enjoy creating many silly adventure stories about Lily. Brilliant idea!

Undercover Mama: A mom of three kids decides she’s has enough of her kids whining and fighting during the after school drives to the dentist. It’s time to lighten things up. You can imagine her kid’s shocked reaction as they got into the car and saw their mom wearing plastic funny face glasses complete with attached eyebrows and nose. They thought she had “lost it” but when she then gave each of them their own pair, they quickly joined in and had fun being silly wearing them on the ride and into the dentist’s waiting room. Everyone there roared with laughter. This idea gets an extra thumbs up for a mom willing to completely commit to her comic genius in public where other parents no doubt were able to learn from her creativity (and bravery) to go the extra mile for her kids!

Two to Tango: A round of applause for this creative mom who made picking up the mountain of toys fun by putting it to music with a game of MUSICAL PICK UP TOYS! Dance till the music stops and then put something away as fast as you can! Three cheers for a mom who’s quick (and light) on her feet!

All Smiles: Teach a silly song, or create your own song, and sing it together as you both brush your teeth, that’s what one mom suggests after creating her own toothbrush tune. Boys especially love this add-on, have a spitting contest in the sink then turn on the faucet and wash it all down the drain!

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