Plastic Easter Egg Ideas for Post-Holiday Fun!

PlasticEggActivitiesIf you celebrated Easter this past weekend, chances are the Easter Egg hunts are over, most of the eggs are now emptied of their treats and sweets, and the only thing left to do is pack away the eggs and baskets away for next year–but wait–not so fast! Extend the holiday fun in your household with a few plastic egg ideas that are a real blast! We hunted on the internet and found some fabulous ideas we wanted to share. We’ve also included our ratings for the parent “Fiddle Factor,” how difficult or easy the idea is to prepare, and the kid “Fun Factor,” how much your children will enjoy it.

Easter Egg Popsicles
With a few short steps detailed at the link below, you can turn empty Easter eggs into super cute ice-pops!

How to Do It: 
Fiddle Factor: 7
Fun Factor: 9

Easter Egg Lunch Hunt
I love this idea! A hunt for lunch is a great activity just for the fun factor alone–but think of all the possibilities for making healthy eating more appealing! 

How to Do It:
Fiddle Factor: 5 
Fun Factor: 10!

Matching Sounds Game
Fill your eggs with pairs of items for a matching sounds game. Use paper clips, coins, cotton balls, marbles, etc. and see if your kids can discover the matches by shaking the eggs and using their detective skills.

How to Do It:
Fiddle Factor: 3 
Fun Factor: 8

Art Project
Use the eggs to make caterpillars or snakes- or anything else the kids dream up!

How to Do It:
Fiddle Factor: 3 
Fun Factor: 9


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